MapleStory 2 All 8 Classes Gameplay

Mesos4u Date: May/10/18 01:58:04 Views: 1955
The MapleStory 2 Global server closed beta arrived in May 9th, today I'll show you all 8 starting classes against Urza, an early-game mini boss. Similarly, you can browse the article or watch the video below or visit our website buy some Maplestory mesos.
The eight classes in MapleStory 2 are Knight, Berserker, Gunner, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Assassin and Thief. All the classes are very adorable with different weapons at hand. Let's take a closer look below:
1. Knight (short range, protects and shields allies, difficulty level: medium) 
A class that contains a lot of buffs that will shield and protect allies. The Knight also utilizes a skill called "Throwing Shield" which can be used to tank aggro of monsters and bosses for your allies. They also have the highest defense stat in the game, with damage being their second. However, they are more of a supporting class rather than a damage dealer class.
MapleStory 2
2. Berserker: (short range, have their own special trait and unique skill gauge, difficulty level: mid-high) 

The Berserker's passive is called "Power of the Darkness," which causes you to deal explosive amount of damage the more you stack this passive. It gets a bit difficult to keep the stacks up while fighting bosses, due to all the running around you have to do, but if you can keep your stacks up, your damage is very strong. They also have the highest HP stat in the game.
3. Gunner: (long range, high cooldown nuking class, difficulty level: mid-high) 
Gunner is a remote high damage class with his cannon fire, he features various attacking and control skills which made him the most powerful outburst in MS2. Meanwhile, he's able to cure himself. The balance in all aspects makes gunner a little difficult to play.
4. Archer: (long range, very high damage and has some critical damage buffs for allies, difficulty level: low)
Ranger is a remote archer using longbow together with a golden eagle, super strong damage + super fast attacking speed + super long attacking distance makes the ranger a key output role in a team. Player need to choose a good spot for attack so as to bring high damage to enemies.
5. Wizard: (long range, very easy to control and has ally buffs, difficulty level: mid tier)
They are very easy to play and control, much easier than the Rune Blader. They also have a lot of long range damage abilities that are very strong; this combined with the fact that they have a buff that increases the magic damage of your skills and your allies makes them a very ideal class for most people. Highly recommended.
6. Priest: (mid range, a very supportive class, difficulty level: low)
Priest is the only healer class in MapleStory2 who has the most comprehensive buff and healing skills. Priest is easy in control but her damage is relatively low, she is the key to control a team combat. I think priest is a good choice for girls.
7. Assassin: (long range, the Best Nuker in MS2, difficulty level: high) 
Assassin uses darts in the game with super high explosive force. The skills are magnificent and controls are fast, which require frequent skill release and movement. Assassins may be more suitable for excellent players instead of newbies.
8. Thief: (short range, damage depends heavily on their skills, difficulty level: the highest in the game)
Thief is a melee class with two daggers in hand, the skills and speeds are amazing, enemies are dead by her dagger and poison. Thief is the most challenging class with most equipments in game.
After choosing classes, players will be able to customize their characters, gender, face shape, hair, make up, skin color, and the clothing. Now you will be able to bring your adorable character to game.