MapleStory 2: A Series Of Images And New Information

Mesos4u Date: Oct/30/17 15:04:00 Views: 2289

MapleStory, developed by Nexon, is one of Korea's most successful online games. About 10 years after the release of the first version, the second version has been out about two years.



Nexon (South Korea) has introduced the first video gameplay of the MapleStory 2 MMORPG. The video was recorded with the Alpha test version of the game, showing that MapleStory 2 has full 3D graphics, along with battlefields, play, skill, environment and boss battles.


With 3D graphics and elevated viewing angles, MapleStory 2 features new features in gameplay such as wall climbing, swimming and even driving. Characters keep the Chibi style as cute as the first, while the game environment is 3D design with many layers, layers and style is quite like Lego or Minecraft game.


MapleStory 2 is a combination of online role-playing and cubic-element-packed Minecraft. And the most special feature of the game allows the player to design clothes for his character. In the Korean market, MapleStory 2 has been in the open period since July 2015 and is highly respected by the players. In the west, Nexon is releasing MapleStory 2.