MapleStory : PvP - Age of Battles and Chaos

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:51:03 Views: 1143

Nexon has released details about Chaos, a series of content updates that will add to the world of MapleStory, and its contribution for this week is Age of Battle. Three content patches already in and Nexon promises more in the next few weeks. buy Maple Story mesos. Check it out.

This summer Maple World has been thrown for a loop with Chaos, a series of massive content updates that has added a whole new flavor to MapleStory. This week MapleStory ushers in the Age of Battle, an update that introduces players to the highly anticipated PVP battle mode.

 Age of Battle will give players a chance to face off head to head in multifaceted, no-holds-barred competition. Players will be able to earn EXP as well as Battle points, which can be exchanged for Gallant Emblems. These Gallant Emblems can be taken to the new Battle Square zone to purchase unique items that can be used in during PVP battle.

MapleStory’s PVP mode will be split up into game types: Free-for-All and Team Match. During free-for-all matches, up to eight players will be tossed into a chaotic battle where everyone battles each other for supremacy. Team Match will pit two teams of three to six players against each other wherein strategy and communication will prove crucial to victory.

Players looking to beat the competition will be able to participate in the various PVP mode leagues, which are ranked based on players' character levels. Players level 30 and above will fall under the rookie league; Gladiators level 70 and above will battle each other; level 120 characters and above will participate in the Veteran league, and characters level 180 and above will battle each other in the Legend League. Veteran and Legend League fighters will be permitted to use all of their skills while Rookie and Gladiator players can employ their 2nd jobs and 3rd jobs respectively.

While Age of Heroes is already the third content patch to hit this summer, there is still plenty more in store for Chaos. Players can expect to find out more information about upcoming content additions in the next few weeks.