MapleStory : Magician Guide 8-30, pt 1

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:29:23 Views: 1017
Read Magician Guide 8-30, pt 1 The following are all magician skill and stat builds for a first job magician. Stat builds: Stat builds are much simpler than skill builds. The following are not in any particular order as they all work. Strength and Dexterity are never needed. Keep them at 4. Intelligence is your main attacking maplestory mesos. The higher your intelligence, the higher damage you will hit with your spells. Luck adds to damage, but not nearly as much as intelligence. Luck is mainly added in order to equip armor and weapons. Build A: Standard Build Level 8: Intelligence: 48 Luck: 11 For every level from 9-30, put 4 points in Intelligence and 1 in Luck. Why is this build good? With this build, you will never be short on your luck requirements. You will be able to equip all your armor and weapons at the appropriate levels while still having a lot of power.