MapleStory : Cake Vs. Pie!!!!

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:23:32 Views: 1081
The epic PvP event of a lifetime has come to MapleStory... From May 25th to June 28th, the Winner Bake All PvP event is running live in MapleStory, and you need to join a side, Cake or Pie, and fight for your baked good of choice. Check out this territory control-based PvP mode, and let us know what you Maple Story mesos. It sounds delicious. The Global MapleStory exclusive Anniversary event is back! Cake and Pie will once again battle it out to show which pastry reigns supreme! As baked goods-battling veterans know, Cake vs. Pie is an epic PvP style event in which Maplers are assigned to either the Cake or Pie faction. Once assigned to a side, players race to turn in enough Cake or Pie pieces to their faction leader to trigger a showdown against the rival faction members. The winners will receive control of a town as well as special Insignias that can be used to purchase awesome prizes!