MapleStory : Big Bang Now Live

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:31:59 Views: 920

Nexon has announced that the first phase of the 'Big Bang' update has been deployed on all MapleStory servers.Maple Story mesos. The "Big Bang" update completely remakes the world graphically and adds new content, rebalances skills and simplifies the learning curve for new players.

"Big Bang is going to completely change the way players enjoy MapleStory," says Crystin Cox, Nexon America's MapleStory producer. "We've been listening to our players and this complete overhaul of the game will implement major changes based on their input, making the game more current and modern, allowing them to experience new adventures in a game they know and love."

With this update, players will be able to jump into MapleStory as heroes with rebalanced and redesigned skills that can level up much faster than ever before.  Monsters, quests, and zones have also been rebalanced accordingly, allowing new and returning players to discover adventure in a world filled with unique challenges.