MapleStory – EunWol, The Forgotten Hero, arrives in Korean server

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:05 Views: 2067
The Korean live server for MapleStory recently saw the arrival of the latest hero character, EunWol. The ""forgotten"" 6th hero class, EunWol sacrificed himself before the other hero characters in order to seal the powerful Black Mage and protect his loved ones. However, he was ""reborn"" into a new world inhabited with strange lifeforms with pointy ear foxes (known as Anima) and two moons in the maplestory mesos. Together with his new found friends, EunWol began his quest to return to Maple World. According to the source, EunWol is a pirate class, he uses Knuckles as his primary weapon and Fox Beads as his secondary weapon. His main stat is STR (strength). A few Spirits are tied to certain skills, as shown in the skill animations, and will automatically buff EunWol when they are used.