Maple story:Bishop’s HP and Heal

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:16:17 Views: 1886
First to know the noraml add point way: 1 normal :use all the AP to increase the attribute of its own.suggest:add 4 point intelligence and 1 point lucky everytime leveled up 2 HP cow : use the most of AP to HP to increase HP itself,its for protect itself and its team member in big fight 3 The intellectual type :use all the AP to the intelligence to increase its mix attack,this kind of mage’s MATK is a lot higher then normal mage,but because it did not add the lucky,a lots of mage’s equipment can not be equiped、magic hit rate was low. Today my friend ask the bishop should use HP cow or the intellectual type..the raid in website basicly has 2 ways, Choose the HP cow is to protect team member in fight If u drop up the HP cow way,its difficult for the mage,has to depends on the team.Maple Story mesos. This skill is,recover team member’s hp and hurt the dark monster around,the HP is related to the number of member.