Mabinogi Crossover Event

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:11:51 Views: 952
September 5 to September 25 Ever heard of a place called Erinn? People there are a little...different. For starters, their heads are tiny! They don’t seem to care about normal things like Hyper Skills or getting to level 250 either. In fact, they get stronger by starting over at level 1. Some of them even spend all their time making furniture, exploring the world, or tending to their homesteads. Actually, it sounds kind of relaxing. Now’s your chance to interact with Mabinogi’s fantasy world of Erinn without leaving the comfort of Maple World during the Mabinogi Crossover Event! Just talk to Nao, who has travelled all the way from Erinn in search of Maple Story mesos. Nao’s set up in most towns in Maple World, and rumor has it she comes bearing gifts for any brave Maplers willing to lend her a hand.