Level 203 Luminous now available

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:23:32 Views: 928
Want to play as a beyond max level Luminous? Visit the BMA Webstore now and buy MapleStory accounts. The [Mardia] Level 203 Luminous is fully equipped for brutal damage, with a full set of Empress equipment and %INT Tempest equips. Furthermore, a variety of permanent NX items are included. The next patch on MapleStory will feature Chase, the Beast Tamer. Here are her update highlights: Why are the birds singing so sweetly today? Why, they are celebrating the arrival of Chase, the Beast Tamer! This new playable class comes with a gang of cute animal friends to help defeat monsters, and is available January 22! Meet Chase, a simple girl with big dreams.cheap maplestory mesos. Chase has longed to be a hero since she was little, but it wasn’t until the day she saved a cat named Arby that her wish came true. Through Arby is mysterious powers, Chase has gained the ability to control animals, and thus, her adventure has begun. As Chase and Arby set out on their journey, more animals start to flock to their side. Now Chase can harness the power of the bear, the snow leopard, the hawk, and of course, Arby the cat. Chase is a magician and uses the INT stat. Each animal power Chase uses bestows different personality characteristics and strengths for dynamic gameplay. Chase has over 70 diverse skills, and since there are four animal modes, It is easy to find one tailored just for you! Chase does not have access to job advancement, and instead learns skills through leveling. Chase is animals have diverse abilities. The Bear deals massive damage from a stationary position, while the Snow Leopard specializes in dash and jump attacks, allowing you to quickly sweep across the battlefield. The Hawk can soar into the sky with flying and sliding moves. The Cat is a party support specialist that can deal out party buffs with passive skills.