Keeping In Mind These Tips To Get 300 Trophies In MapleStory 2

Mesos4u Date: May/21/18 13:54:33 Views: 1792

In MapleStory 2, do you know how to Get 300 Trophies? Just a couple of things to keep in mind if you are looking to finish up your 300 trophies.


MapleStory 2


1) Run around the maps and pick up every object that you can throw/hit enemies with. Every object that is new will give you a trophy.


2) Do the crawling,walking,running,riding, climbing, etc challenges. Get the ones done that are close and the ones that don't need much.


3) Find a house or expand your own and fill it with objects that you can interact with. Each one will give you a trophy and there is a lot.


4) Do the pvp events that appear including queuing for the arena. Killing a player, losing a match, and dying will give you trophies.


5) Do the maple guide to get the basics unlocked. Fishing, crafting, gathering, upgrading, etc...


6) There is a few discovery trophies that are easy to get. Turn on 10 lights, find a house, talk to someone, etc...


7) Gl and Happy Mapleing, If you have anything to add then feel free.


8) If you need a house for trophies on EU -> Go to Queenstown and to the right of the daily npc. There is a house by "Woz" with most of the housing trophies.


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