Join MapleStory "Gathering of Heroes" Event to Combat the Black Mage

Mesos4u Date: Nov/15/18 17:01:24 Views: 2795

As you know, now "Gathering of Heroes" event comes to MapleStory, this event will end on November 28, during this period, you'll be able to take part within this event to join the Maple Alliance and prepare their armies to soon combat the Black Mage


MapleStory Gathering of Heroes Event


The Black Mage has lengthy been the primary antagonist behind MapleStory. His story originated using the function of bringing balance to Maple World but turned dark as he realized the only way to save Maple World was to destroy it. Now that his seal has been broken, players will perform with each other to defeat the legendary boss.


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The Gathering of Heroes event adds the Maple Alliance outpost, exactly where players can hone their abilities and prepare to level up in preparation of for their battle against the Black Mage, at the same time as adds many leveling updates. The main aim of your Alliance will be to collect "Determination" and power up the holy light in the outpost to become able to fight the Black Mage. Rewards consist of the Gathering of Heroes exclusive Pet Box, Item Box, Beauty Box, and Money Box.



Starting currently, players can reach level 200 by participating within the Tera Burning Project occasion to prepare to meet the level needs for battle against the Black Mage. During this occasion, players might be capable to make and assign their new character as their Tera Burning character, which will acquire a Snail pet and have the capability to achieve two additional levels each and every time it levels up till reaching level 200.


Furthermore, characters level 61 and greater can move towards the Maple Alliance outpost by accepting the Destiny Awaits quest and begin the Journey of Destiny to unlock new places and new enemies to defeat. Furthermore, players who deal essentially the most damage when defeating Elite Monsters will get Alliance Support for 30 seconds, which can incorporate troop help, bombardment support, or airship support.


Lastly, the first location in Tenebris to unlock is Moonbridge. Players level 200 and above will have to navigate places filled with hordes of monsters although shrouded in dark fog to in the end defeat a powerful monster guarding the path forward.