Intense MapleStory 2 cinematic announcement trailer is got mad drops, 3D chibis

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:23:32 Views: 881
Never underestimate MapleStory were wise words once whispered to me in the early days of my college career. I then went on to watch at least one friend switch his dedication from school to MapleStory grinding and flunk out.Maple Story mesos. Those wise words on MapleStory had become strangely prophetic. And so, with the release of MapleStory 2 is first cinematic t railer, I want to share these words once more: never underestimate MapleStory. As for what MapleStory 2 is, well, It is a 3D MMO that is planned to be released on PC in 2014. Considering the first MapleStory was a 2D platforming/action MMO odds are we can throw all of our expectations out the window. That especially rings true when you hear that MapleStory 2 is developer is Nsquared, a new studio formed from a partnership between NCsoft and Nexon. Two huge South Korean publishers coming together to create the next big MMO. Then everyone watches the trailer, featuring two chibi-warriors fighting it out in a forest to the tune of some cheap club dubstep tune and everyone rolls their eyes. Well, I guess There is always Elder Scrolls and WildStar. Expect more information on MapleStory 2 in the months ahead.