How to Choose Your Best Class in MapleStory 2

Mesos4u Date: Sep/03/18 08:41:52 Views: 2149

In MapleStory 2, you might have the solution of selecting certainly one of eight classes just before you begin your adventure. Each and every class has its own exclusive skill set and abilities, setting them aside from each other.



I have to say that MapleStory 2 is definitely the newest addition within the charming adventure game series. Here, players can create their own character and discover various lands although taking on a range of quests. 


The classes in MapleStory 2 comprise of the Knight, Wizard, Archer, Thief, Berserker, Priest, Heavy Gunner, and Assassin. Although it may appear like they fall into harm and help roles, each and every class is perfectly capable of dealing damage and supporting other characters with their skills. 1 issue to note, however, is the fact that Priests have slightly far better support abilities at the cost of reducing damage output. On the other hand, when it comes down to choosing the top class in MapleStory 2, the decision, in the end, falls for your individual preference.


MapleStory 2


When you would rather slay enemies around the front lines and don't mind taking harm for your team, you might wish to consider looking at the Knight or Berserker class who both specialize in utilizing greatswords and shields. Having enough Maplestory mesos is often crucial.


Meanwhile, for those who like fighting from a distance, the Archer, Heavy Gunner, or Assassin part might appropriate up your alley. These fighters use guns and bows to attack or throw products at their enemies to fight back. 


However, those who favor more of a magical play style would need to appear at the Wizard or Priest class in MapleStory 2. They will dish out a solid volume of harm with an assortment of powerful spells at their disposal.