How To Become An Outstanding Battle Mage In MapleStory

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In MapleStory, the Battle Mage is actually a member of the Resistance, freedom fighters opposed to the Black Mage along with the organization looking for to revive him, the Black Wings. Be familiar with the properties of Battle Mage to better grasp it.
In contrast to standard Magicians, the Battle Mage specializes in quick, close-quarters combat. He is a potent teammate, capable of casting auras that can aid his celebration even though he bashes a number of enemies at when with his glowing employees. 
MapleStory battle mage
If you're the sort of player who loves magic but additionally desires to fight monsters up close and personal, then the Battle Mage is for you personally.
Key Attributes
Type: Resistance
Primary Attribute:  Intelligence (INT)
Primary Weapon: Staff
Hit Points/Mana Points: High/High
Hp is the highest among the other class except for warrior type.
High Weapon and Magic Defense upon maxing Adv. Blue Aura.
High avoid rate (40%) after maxing Adv. Yellow Aura (passive + active).
Low HP potion usage due to drain + High avoid rate + high def + much invincible skill.
Low MP potion usage due to high base mp and without a magic guard.
Most versatile teleporting. You can jump and teleport in mid-air and also teleport to places with no platform, allowing you to spam teleport damage or move much higher vertically.
Has 100% stance.
Most balanced job in terms of survivability, damage, utility. Jack of all Trades.
The only class does not have a mount.
Easy get bored, use blow skill from level 10 to 200.
Attack speed is dependent on weapon speed, the most weapon has slow speed!
Some micromanagement is needed to unlock the full potential in terms of DPS (Damage Per Second).
Lack of Final Damage and range does not scale well in late game.
Here is a video guide about Battle Mage in all skills, I hope it will help you: