Halloween Events to Rock the Game

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:51:50 Views: 1159

Nexon has announced the deployment of a series of Halloween themed events and fun for MapleStory. In addition, the team has added the Sidekick system and Monster familiars to the game.

The sidekick system allows low- and high-level players to team up for XP bonuses foe questing together. cheap maplestory mesos. XP is shared between partners and special buffs are applied for every hour the duo lasts.

Monster familiars are now collectible and can be leveled to produce companions to fight by their sides. According to the team, there are dozens of collectible monsters.

MapleWorld will be infested by ghosties, ghoulies and creatures of the night and a new Halloween themed dungeon will make its appearance as well.