Grand Athenaeum Update Highlights

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:51 Views: 968
Hello Maplers! The spring MapleStory update, MapleStory: Grand Athenaeum, will introduce a new theme dungeon. As you explore Grand Athenaeum, you will witness the significant events that shaped the world of MapleStory, and take part in it as well! Compete against other players at the new Boss Arena.Maple Story mesos. For the first time in MapleStory, you will be able to control and fight bosses against another player. Furthermore, there will be a revamp for the Dual Blade and Cannoneer classes, as well as Easter events to get you into the spring atmosphere on MapleStory. The latest MapleStory account available on the Webstore is the [Bera] Level 200 Shadower! With a full set of Empress and %LUK Tempest equipment, this Shadower will deliver the skybreaking damage for you in the MapleStory: Grand Athenaeum update. Browse and buy MapleStory accounts at our Webstore today! Happy Mapling, - The MapleMushroom (BMA) Team