Free Market Closes At Maplestory

Mesos4u Date: Feb/06/18 15:15:11 Views: 1498

Something unusual for most of our players, but no less popular in the world and at home. But in fact the game is a full-fledged Korean MMORPG. Anime tadpoles crumble hordes of monsters, unite in clans and find out which of the 40 classes is still better. Despite all the inconsistency of what is going on for the eyes of an uninitiated person, the game has been popular for many years. And this is about something yes it says.



MapleStory's trading system is completely changing and will no longer be in the Free Market.


The end of a century is approaching. When a new decision is made for MapleStory, the process of closing Free Market areas in the game has begun. As a matter of fact, this decision was first announced in November 2017, but the steps taken were not known until the week we passed.


For those who do not know what the Free Market is, we need to explain it. These are special areas where players can trade in the popular MMORPG game MapleStory and exchange them. Many players gather in this area to sell their goods and either build a bench or write what they sell and what they buy. Even so, the Free Market MMORPG hosted one of the most full and lively places of the family.


Regrettably, the players who were willing to trade were attracted to the fraud, the hackers, the replicators and all kinds of malicious people. Nexon, who wanted to close these open spots of the Free Market, recently added the Auction House feature to the game and now players can trade more controlled.


Nexon, the distributor, will continue to gradually remove Free Market this month and will eventually be completely switched to Auction House system. In short, an end result for MapleStory.