FIFA 14 Review - Heading In The Wrong Direction

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:18:15 Views: 900
EA Sports has had a long and storied history with the sport of football since they released FIFA International Soccer in 1993. Since that release, we have seen a brand new FIFA title released virtually every year since that initial football game and FIFA 14 is the latest in the long line of titles. EA is primary focus for FIFA 14 is to slow down the play and become more methodical. Players are encouraged to try and slowly build up their play through midfield and find a way through their opponents defense. This shows that EA were somewhat listening to the complaints of FIFA 13 is mindless counter-attack style. The other added features includes ""Pure Shot"" which EA told us will ""transform shooting, making every shot attempt feel real, and when players connect with the perfect strike, feel exhilarating."" This means the higher-quality players will still be able to shoot rather effectively whilst losing their balance or being challenged for the ball. When you connect properly with the ball, shots do feel more exhilarating when they land beautifully in the top corner. Where there is a yin there is also a yang as this new feature is negated by the easiness of headers.