FIFA 13 or your girlfriend - EA Sports game said responsible for 12% of recent break-ups

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:18:15 Views: 937
With its slick advertising campaign involving Premier League stars such as Manchester City is Joe Hart and Arsenal is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain it is a pretty irresistible mistress. But is FIFA 13 getting in the way of our love-lives? Unless you are in love with FIFA of which case good luck to you! When I wrote an article entitled ‘Why I won’t be buying FIFA 13’ I did so out of a need to get outside a little more, shed a few pounds and maybe meet some new people. Did I ever think that the acquisition of the game could end a relationship, well yes actually. I have heard of lads having to give up weekend footy because ‘the missus’, as changing room dialect would have you say, has informed them of several ground rules. These varied from not spending time together on the weekend or refusing to take them to A and E upon the inevitable twisted ankles and broken noses that come with recreational sporting weekends. But according to a poll carried out by VoucherCodesPro about 12 per cent of break-ups in the last month were attributed to the newest addition of EA Sports record breaking platform. Once the question used to be…’Pro Evo or FIFA’ but in our new obsession for the hyper-reality game it seems that question has evolved into ‘FIFA or the girlfriend’. Now I don’t want to be accused of being sexist here so I must also point out that while 87% of FIFA cheaters were male the other 13% could very well be female, so think twice when your squeeze picks up the X-Box controller fellas. Those being interviewed for the survey were all in relationships of under a year or less so the levels of commitment are of course vastly different to a solid relationship of three or so years for example. However I hate breaking up with people, who doesn’t, and in this modern world where the childhood sweetheart is becoming more a nostalgic quip rather than reality ‘dating’ is becoming a much more common theme. But if like me you are a ‘break-up-a-phobe’ then EA Sports has finally given you a solution. Just go out and spend the money on the game glue yourself to a seat and get AFC Wimbledon into the Champions League. By the time you check your phone it is pretty likely you will be a single man/woman. It’s fullproof!