Enjoy The Theme Dungeon Fox Valley In MapleStory

Mesos4u Date: Nov/06/17 22:19:20 Views: 2136

Nexon released a new theme dungeon 'Fox Valley' on its online game "MapleStory".



The 'Fox Valley' is a theme dungeon that runs quests along with 'Naughty' NPC (Non Player Character) in the 'Pointy Ear Fox Village' hidden in 'Miu Miu' of Grandis. Users can help the prankster Maru through the story to save the village from the crisis and figure out some of the conspiracies in the Grandis.


In addition, the Chat Window system has been improved for the convenience of users. Multiple tabs and detailed filter settings have been added. External Chat Window support makes chatting more convenient.


Also, it has completely revamped its professions so that it can combine and disassemble items even if it learns only one specialized skill such as Alchemy, Equipment Crafting, or Accessory Crafting, or acquire new Enhancement Skills when it is accomplished more than Equipment Crafting and Accessory Crafting Craftsman.



To celebrate the update, Nexon will host the challenge from November 9th to November 22nd, Maple Rainbow Event. You will receive 2 times more Experience points and 2 times more coupons. You will receive various benefits by visiting every Sunday from October 29 to November 19.


Also, users who have access to the game from Nov. 16th to 19th will be provided with "Experience Coupons (2x)" and "Sparkling Damage Skin" items for the users.


For more information on MapleStory updates and events, visit the official website.