E3 Interview

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:50:18 Views: 1243

Founded in 2005, Nexon America's first launched title was the very popular MapleStory, which is recognized as the most successful Korean MMORPG to be ported to the US market. MapleStory boasts 72+ million users worldwide and in the US alone, it gained over 2 million registered users in the first year. buy Maple Story mesos. MapleStory is a free to play game that monetizes by micro-transactions. You can buy consumables as well as cosmetic items and one of the most popular items in their item mall is a 2x XP card. Yes, some people just love that leveling treadmill!

Nexon America is in Los Angeles, and they were kind enough to invite me to meet with them at their studio. I first met with Nexon America's Director of Games Operations, Min Kim at the Ion Conference where he was on a panel moderated by Jason Wonacott titled: Creating a Global Marketplace for MMOGs: Can East and West Really Play Together? MapleStory is THE game that made Western game developers take a second look at a business model other than the monthly subscription. With some one on one time during E3, I was able to ask the question I've always wanted to ask. Why is the game called MapleStory? Both Min and Product Coordinator, Sheloman Byrd had different stories.