Do You Know the Way to Change Hairstyle in MapleStory 2

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MapleStory 2 is at present in closed beta, it can be a vibrant and varied MMORPG that sees you and a few good friends head out within the game's globe to take around the strong enemies and complete missions. 


The game has been obtainable in South Korea since 2015, nevertheless, it is ultimately making its solution to the West. Since it's currently in closed beta, and you are unable to obtain access now if you're new, but an abundance of individuals are testing for bugs before its full release. 


Change Hairstyle in MapleStory 2


Considering that you are going to be heading out on adventures with other players, you'll certainly desire to make sure that your character appears the part. No matter if it is their clothes, mount, or hairstyle, it is all about displaying off and searching wonderful. 


Thankfully, you might be in a position to change up how your character looks, together with the hairstyle in all probability becoming on the list of initial ports of call. Here's how you alter a character's hairstyle in MapleStory 2.


Initial of all, you will need to click the tab at the bottom suitable in the screen to get for the life abilities box. Hover your mouse over it so that you could uncover the beauty salon tab. 


After you have discovered it and chosen it, you will be brought more than for the MapleStory 2 salon exactly where your character can get a brand new hairstyle. Merely pick the one particular you would like your character to possess, and it'll be active whenever you return towards the game. 


As you'd expect, haircuts aren't totally free in MapleStory 2. It is possible to pay for them with chic salon vouchers or merit, whichever you choose. When the cut is finished and you've paid your dues, head back for the game and set out on more adventures so that your friends can see your fresh trim.


That's all you will need to understand about how to change hairstyle in MapleStory 2. For extra guidelines and tricks around the game, stop by