[Demethos] Level 205 Bishop Now Available & MapleStory 9th Anniversary Patch

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:51 Views: 896
Hello Maplers! With the month of May here, we have a new [Demethos] Level 205 Bishop on sale at our Webstore. This beyond max level Bishop comes fully equipped with a complete Empress Set and massive %INT boosting equipment. With a 203 magic attack Dragon Tail Staff, this Bishop will satisfy all your high damage and healing needs during boss runs.maplestory mesos. All MapleStory accounts for sale on our Webstore are secure, fully equipped, and ready to play. Ready to celebrate Maplestory is 9th Anniversary? Participate in the numerous anniversary events to get in the spirit and be rewarded by the exclusive planetary chairs. With Bursting Word Bubbles, Monsteropoly, 9th Anniversary Rally, and Maple Leaves, you will have plenty of challenges to complete. Go and buy MapleStory accounts today the MapleMushroom Webstore to get ready for this new update! Happy Mapling, - The MapleMushroom (BMA) Team