Customize And Decorate Your Houses With Maplestory 2 Housing System

Mesos4u Date: May/31/18 17:12:28 Views: 1932
In MapleStory 2, customize and decorate your houses with the same construction blocks as any other map in the game with the housing system. The housing system is a robust feature.
You can hire maids, start a farm, turn your house into a pub and build a circuit system for your house appliances. With all sorts of blocks at your disposal, the only limit is your imagination.
Houses can be designed and constructed without purchasing a housing lot. This would mean that players can only visit your house by right-clicking your character and selecting "visit house" in the pop-up menu. 
If you purchase a housing lot for your house. this would allow your constructed house to physically exist on the map, enabling strangers who may not have met you before to drop by for a visit (if you allow it in the settings). By purchasing a housing lot, you may also design the outer appearance of your house.
Upon reaching level 10, a notification will appear prompting you to complete the housing tutorial. This can be accessed by clicking "MapleStory Academy".
Main menu for the housing system contains buttons necessary to perform basic actions such as calling the doctor for help and leaving the house. You can store items that are too much to carry. It is linked with other characters of the same account. Note that there is a 30 second cool down every time the storage is opened.
When the player enters construction mode by pressing B. Here, you may begin construction and access the settings panel for visitors.
You can also design the interior of your house without having to spend mesos or mushroom. This is intended for players who wish to have a glance at their design before implementing it. Once you leave this mode, the blocks that you placed will be gone and the house will revert back to the original design.
When you have no inspiration, you may find inspiration from other players' designs. You can also refer to maps in the game with aesthetic designs that put you in awe.