Complete Leveling Guide In MapleStory

Mesos4u Date: Jun/12/18 16:40:52 Views: 2463
Are you confused with leveling in MapleStory? This leveling guide serves as to help people have an idea of good places to train. You shouldn't stick to only these places, Maplestory is a huge world. Let's dive into this Guide. Look at what you should do at each level.
Levels 1-10: You can usually skip to level 10 by skipping through the tutorial. If you can't it usually means you have a tutorial and you have to do it.
Levels 10-30: Golems in Golem temple near Henesys. As you level, switch maps to gain more XP. Nexon has changed golems to be centered around level 10-20 but if you are unfunded until level 30 isn't a bad idea.
Levels 30-45: Try gold beach, there are over 15 maps to choose from all of which are decent. You can progress through the maps as you level. If Theme Dungeons are more your thing try Mushking Empire questline, Elluel Fairy Academy questline Some classes will allow you to get free levels from Tot for levels 30-35.
Levels 45-75: Drakes are pretty much the best option, if you really hate training at the same spot for 30 levels you can try progressing through Sleepywood, however only Silent Swamp will really be kishin glitched unless you do it yourself.
Levels 75-85: Head to White Fangs at El Nath, fairly similar map layout to Drakes. You can buy boots from the El Nath store if you hate slipping around on ice.
Levels 75-115: Try the Romeo and Juliet Party Quest, however it as recently been nerfed to the ground
Levels 85-105: Head to Sahel 2 in Magatia, it's a nice flat map for you to train at.
Levels 105-120: Any Robos map will work honestly. Head over to Ludi and Explore!
Levels 100-140: Try MPE, it has also been nerfed but it's still good. The monsters give very good exp at the cost of high hp. You will also want to stock up on from MPE pots (Red for Attack, Blue for M. Attack, and Green for Attack Speed) if you encounter a Rhino, you may find Gold pots (10% bonus exp) and a Greed Pendant (20% drop rate for equip tab only). All MPE pots stack with every buff.
Levels 140-160: Try Singapore. This can be accessed at Henesys by talking to Spinel. This is good because you will need your Ghost Ship Exorcist badge anyways and if you are in Reboot you can TRY MP3 for some mesos (It's so crowded that if you find a map that isn't infested with botters and hackers you will be ksed out anyways).
Levels 140-180: Dimensional Invasion PQ is ok XP, the Magnus v. Hilla is the best for leveling out of the 3 final maps (Magnus, Magnus v. Hilla, Blackheart).
Levels 180-190: Try some star force maps at Future Hene/Cygnus. Hall of Honor is not what it used to be, but still ok.
Levels 190-205: Head over to Future Perion and grind at Mixed Golems. The spawn is very good however you may take a lot of damage from mobs and theres only 1 safe spot (unless you can fly).
Levels 205-215: Pick either Deck 1 or Hill 5, both at Scrapyard (Black Heaven).
Levels 215-250: Grind at Deck 1 or Maze 5 for the rest of your life.
I believe there will be a better leveling guide, but these are the reasons for my success, and I sincerely hope it will help you too.