Bug Extermination Report - September 6th, 2013

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:11:51 Views: 977
Eureka! Here in Dr. Bing is Lab - that is right, MY lab - I’ve reverse engineered the cellular structure of the latest batch of bugs, and I’ll be able to completely eradicate them on the 6th of September! Maple Story mesos. I’m one step closer to my goal of complete bug extermination, but my robot minions are still analyzing data on these other bugs. Gameplay/Functionality/UI Bugs: - Using two Pot Embiggeners in a row will no longer crash the game. - Players are now able to sell items for over the old Meso cap limit. - Permanent Pets are now allowed to use Pet AP Scrolls. - Twisted Aquarium quests now count toward the Quest Specialist Medal. - Tot’s Know-How quests can now be accepted and completed. - Solidifier items now open the Core Aura window when used. - Crashes no longer occur when using the Sweetness face expression on a character with a Teary-Eyed royal face. - Disembodied Von Bon no longer appears in the Normal mode Von Bon fight. - Multiple effects now correctly display on the effects list. - Yulia now appears in most major towns (from September 5th to September 18th) Quest Bugs: - Players can now re-enter the prison and accept “Truth and Lies” after they’ve completed “An Unsettling Discovery.” - Korean text no longer appears during the first cutscene of the Evolution System quest line. Class-Specific Bugs - Crashes no longer occur when Angelic Buster uses the “Soul Resonance” skill while equipped with an “Imperial Duke Wing.” - The Demon Avenger can now accept the quest “Dances with Andras!” - The Demon Avenger skill “Wild Rage” can now be linked to other characters. - Kanna characters are now able to receive the bonus from a nebulite applied to a fan when equipped to Haku. - The audio of the Kaiser skill “Dragon Barrage” has been fixed. - Kanna’s “Kasen” skill description has been fixed. - Kanna’s Dawn Warrior skill now correctly states that it costs HP instead of MP. - Fafnir weapons are now available for Hayato and Kanna. - Luminous characters who don’t skip the intro now receive the “Change Light/Dark Mode” skill. - Luminous characters now receive Shining Rod weapons from Tots’s equipment boxes. - Luminous’s “Arcane Pitch” skill description has been fixed. - Weapon covers that do not exclude Shining Rod weapons can now be used on Shining Rods. Text Bugs: - The word “proper” is now spelled correctly when speaking to Athena Pierce to become a Bowman. - In Monster life, the world “Broa” is now spelled correctly. Level-Up Guide: - The theme dungeon “Gold Beach” has been added to the Level-Up Guide. - The “Gate to the Future” quest chain has been added to the Level-Up Guide. - The “Temple of Time” quest chain has been added to the Level-Up Guide. - Singapore and Malaysia quest lines have been added to the Level-Up Guide. - The Level-Up Guide now has separate sections for Lv. 140-159 and Lv. 160-200. - The Lv. 140-240 text in the Level-Up Guide is now in English