Bonus Stats and Equipment Enhancements in MapleStory

Mesos4u Date: Jul/14/18 08:53:53 Views: 2091
The Developer of MapleStory hearing plenty of feedback in regards towards the implementation of flames and Bonus Stats with particular gear which includes Gollux, Sweetwater, Terminus, Sengoku, and also other comparable equipment. 
They've evaluated all of the feedback players have offered to identify if there certainly have been any problems on our side when applying Bonus Stats to this equipment. The conclusion they have seen soon after various rounds of testing and triple-checking the implementation is that these gear are functioning normally when Bonus Stats are applied and when working with flames on the equipment.
In terms of Bonus Stats and flames, some gear obtained from bosses can behave differently than products obtained from frequent monster drops. The items talked about above don't comply with this particular behavior on account of several of this equipment already exceeding the capabilities of other equipment obtained from bosses. 
Similar to Superior gear restrictions, a few of these items might potentially disrupt the balance of gear and energy, and general satisfaction with substantially other content material accessible in MapleStory.
The Developer of MapleStory mentioned that they do hear players' feedback and understand your wish to continue to grow stronger on account of more and more high-level content material being added towards the game. 
So they've decided to expand the Star Force enhancement technique to 25 stars in Worldwide MapleStory using the v197 patch on July 25th. They are at present nonetheless finalizing each of the details for this program when taking into account many aspects of the game's balance.  
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