Are You Looking For Fishing Guides In MapleStory 2

Mesos4u Date: May/28/18 10:12:57 Views: 2034
In MapleStory 2, what my favourite part is fishing. Fishing is done using a fishing rod. This rod can be bought from a fishing merchant in Tria/Evansville or in a couple other places. 
Also, when you first do the fishing tutorial, you are presented with a basic rod, and this place also teaches you how to fish. Fishing can be done manually as shown later or it can be done through auto fishing. Auto fishing costs merit or can be done through coupons.
When it comes to fishing, we must start from how to fish, of course, having enough Maplestory mesos can make things easier:
MapleStory 2
1. Mechanics
Go to the water and double-click the fishing rod in the belongings window. Then, use the arrow keys to determine where to throw the fishing bait, and then press the spacebar. Wait until you it says you either caught the fish or it says you failed to catch it. Sometimes the fish minigame happens, in which you should press the space bar appropriately so that the bar does not touch the red on bottom or top. Of course, if you can not catch the fish within a certain time, it will fail. 
2. Where To Fish
Fishing is possible where there is a block of water. You can even go fishing with venom, oil, and lava blocks. So even if you enter the dungeon, you can fish if you have any of these blocks However, indoor water blocks and where the water block is below a certain scale, fishing is not possible, and fishing is not possible if it is more than three spaces above the water block or more than three spaces. 
3. Fish Levels
The fishing grade starts from the first level of the beginner angler and goes to the next grade if the proficiency level is 80. Fishing is also possible if the fishing level in your area is less than or equal to your grade, but you can not fish if the fishing level in your area is higher than your own. Local fishing levels can be found on the World Map.
Fishing classes include beginner anglers 1,2,3,4 levels, intermediate anglers 1,2,3,4 levels, advanced anglers 1,2,3,4 levels, and professional anglers. 
4. Leveling Up Fishing Proficiency

In order to raise the fishing skill, it is natural to catch the fish. The higher the grade, the greater the number of fish required to increase proficiency. In order to increase proficiency, the fishing level of the field in which you are fishing should match your fishing level. Also, depending on the grade of the fish, the proficiency level varies depending on the grade of the fish: 1 for normal grade fish, 2 for rare grade fish, 3 for elite grade fish, and 4 for excellent grade fish.
If the fish you caught is the first fish caught, it is your first catch and you get 2x proficiency. It also gives you twice the proficiency when you are fishing a big fish. For reference, there are trophies at big fishes, and excellent grade fish have separate trophies for each fish.
The way to increase proficiency is to catch all the uncaught fish, and then fish in the respective area. 
5. Basics of Different Fish
If you catch a fish, it will be registered in the fishing guidebook. The number of fishing, number of times of fishing, maximum size, and ecology are described. This is based on the size shown in the description, usually, a bronze medal in size, a silver medal in excess of normal size, if the size is classified as large, a gold medal is attached. It is very rare in the case of a big fish, which is often the case when the bar is going at a tremendous speed to the yellow part in the fishing mini-game.
When you're fishing, you can get really useless items, box, fishing pole, equipment item skins, but when you open the box, you can get a variety of items that will give you a special chance to make your own makeup, potions, or fishing.
If you register 150 species of fish in the book of fishing, you get a trophy which gives the right to purchase angler skins set by fishing merchants. These skin sets cannot be sold in stores and can not be traded, nor can be stored on banks and mannequins.