A New Story Arc Called The Silent Crusade

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:40:36 Views: 1045

MapleStory devs have spent most of the summer deploying incremental updates to the game. The Chaos update will draw to a close with the launch of the final segment called Echoes of Triumph on August 10th.A new adventure lies in the Age of Triumph, bringing players an entirely new story line called the Silent Crusade. cheap maplestory mesos. This full length quest for players level 37-110 introduces a battle force that specializes in eliminating Master Monsters, a faction of enemies never before seen in MapleStory. Throughout their journey through the Silent Crusade, players will be introduced to new NPCs that will aid them along their quest, including one character that will grab the hearts of players seeking a new romance. The Silent Crusade will be narrated through colorful, action-packed in-game cutscenes and through tandem battles with NPCs.A new story arc called The Silent Crusade brings, according to devs, hours of game play for players level 37 and above..