1 Korean MMO Industry Leader NCSoft will fall to 3rd

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:34:08 Views: 984

Korean source says NCSoft will fall behind to its rivals Nexon and NHN, due to the reason that NCSoft in recent years did not release many new games and its game like Tabula Rasa did not achieve what they expected.

In 2006, NCSoft Korean Sales is 227.5 Billion South korean Won (339.7 billion if include oversea sales), beating Nexon's 196.6 billion sales volume (279 billion if include oversea sales) and NHN's 128.8 billion (210 billion if include oversea sales.)

However in 2007, NCSoft failed to achieve much Gross Sales, on the other hand, Nexon and NHN had much more success.buy Maple Story mesos. It's worth to note that NHN's sales doubled in 2007 compared to 2006 due to Japan Hangame's increase in Gross sales and NHN's success in Chinese mainland markets.

2007 Q3, NCSoft sales is 161 billion won, sales profit 31.8 billion won. NHN's quarter reports says 165.4 billion sales, already beating NCSoft. NHN's Japan department itself generated 85 billion sales.

Nexon, ranking second, is also predicted to surpass NCSoft. In 2007, Nexon's MapleStory received huge success oversea, generated 160 billion sales alone. If nothing dramatic happens, Nexon's sales will reach well over 320 billion. Especially now since Nexon is releasing a new mmorpg overseas in Early 2008. One of the most anticipated free2play mmorpg - Mabinogi.

On the contrary, NCSoft had a decrease in sales in 2007 compare to 2005's 335 billion sales and 2006's 338.7 billion sales. After 2005, NCSoft spent much money on development, 80 billion development money on Tabula Rasa alone. Although released last year, its achievement was so far from expectation. This made NCSoft's profit to stay relatively the same for consecutive three years.