You, your Bow, and Wolf Spiders - A guide by TMobilePosah

This guide was written for bowman and crossbowman alike for the use of learning how to effectively navigate Wolf Spiders. May the knowledge gained here be of benefit to you.

Guide to mini map ScreenShots: I have taken some shots of the mini map and expanded them, and also did some simple editing in paint. you well notice the different color lines and dots, and they represent either character movement, where you should be sniping from, etc.

General Key:
Yellow Lines:Indicate the general area where you need to lure enemies from.
Green Dots: Indicate the area or position from which you need to launch attacks from.
Red lines: Indicate your line of fire/projectile path.

<Section 1>

Wolf Spiders are nasty little mechanized arachnids that prowl deep below MesoGears. Small, fast, and hard hitting, they Do not exactly seem to be up a Bowman is alley. Do neat fear however. Wolf Spiders can be successfully trained on with a little resourcefulness, and as a Ranger or Sniper you have just what it takes.

First, the 411 on your enemy.

Wolf Spiders:

Level: 80
HP: 28 000 Exp: 1 200
KB: 1000 Wep ATT: 450 Wep Def: 700
Found in: Wolf Spider Cavern

Skills and Level:

I Do not suggest attempting this map before level 80. Also, a decent amount of Arrow Rain or Eruption is an absolute necessity for this map. you well be using Strafe sparingly and only when you need too. You probably should not go before level 80 because your skills will be under-developed, especially since you well probably be Mastering Strafe first and you well be using Arrow Rain much more. Puppet is not absolutely necessary but having it is very useful, especially above level 6. A long range mobbing skill is also useful, like Arrow Bomb. Iron Arrow does not work so well in this map, you well have to Strafe or the like for Sniping if you are a Sniper.

What to bring:
Wolf Spiders can inflict a lot of damage if they run into you, so you well want to keep contact to a very minimum (And this guide will help you accomplish that). My Ranger has 205 Wep Defense and when I get hit I take anywhere between 1500-1600 damage, so you well need to pack along potions that can keep you a safe distance above that mark because It is pretty easy to die otherwise. I suggest buying Barbarian Elixirs; these pack the most punch for the best price (1000 mesos for 1500HP recovery = win). Those can be purchased in town. You can try experimenting with Potions that recover a percentage amount of HP like Horntail Elixirs, but thats up to you. Bring plenty of supplies, you Do not want to run out of potions here, the spiders will rip you apart. Plus, as of now, Return to Town scrolls Do not work and It is a pretty good jog to the map.

How to get there:

New Leaf City: Town Center -> Bigger Ben: Lobby -> MesoGears: Deity Room -> Soul Corridor -> Wolf Spider Cavern

You should be all suited up now and just dieing with eagerness to give those Wolf Spiders the what-for, eh? Well hang onto your arrow quiver there bucko, ainot no good if ya Do not know how to get there. -Spits into a spittoon-. Wolf Spiders are at New Leaf City: this can be reached by taking the Subway from Kerning (costs 5000 mesos). Once you arrive in the main area of the city hang a left and head to Bigger Ben; travel up the teleport points along the tower and head inside. Once you are in Bigger Ben [i.e. MesoGears] you well be traveling to depths deep below NLC. The journey can be tricky at first; the first map has secret portals located in the stone archways. At the second map just walk straight ahead and enter the portal to the far right. Once you are in the 3rd map you well want to descend all the way to the bottom. There is two portals on the bottom, an upper and a lower one. you well want to take the upper portal and this leads you to your destination: Wolf Spider Cavern.

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