WoW Classes

he WoW warlock minions are used to win battles or to escape death. Every minion has its own specialty and to make it stronger there are certain purchases to be made to make it stronger.
At level 2, the first minion acquired by the warlock is the imp, until level 10 it will be the companion of the warlock. The imp is sent to tank while other minions such as felguard, succubus, voidwalker, felhunter and other minions can control mobs while you cast spells from behind.

The minions help the warlock from being attacked and damaged because warlocks are physically weak. Any new abilities should not be taken for granted because spells can be used to inflict damage over time. These spells are cast while your minions are tanking for you. In every situation the warlock encounters the minions have special ability and skills that will come in handy for different scenarios.

You should know what kind of minion to use in every situation. Like for instance, the succubus kiss can be used as a distraction while you inflict damage or use the voidwalker to draw mobs. Aside from the imp, the felhunter can also be used to tank but it cannot protect you when you are within the agro range and can also grant paranoia.

To acquire your felguard, you must your talent in demonology; other talents will not work. And if you fail to get your felguard, you are losing a powerful minion. The felguard will allow you to acquire for a special minion which gives more damage.

The infernal and the doomguard must be used carefully because they have the ability to break free and fight you. These special minions require you to take on special quests that are plotted all over the World of Warcraft. During the special quests, you are required o search for special items in exchange of the special minions.

Every time your level increases, your minion in turn gets more powerful. You should know when to use your minions, when they should tank for you and when to cast spells. Having your own tank is the best thing that you can have in the World of Warcraft.


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