White Knight Calculation

Previous guides assumed that White Knights would receive 150% elemental
advantage as soon as they placed 1 point into a charge. This was incorrect.
Later guides assumed that White Knights have a growing elemental advantage, but
the maximum never reaches 150%. This is only partially correct. The real answer
is that elemental advantage does grow with higher levels of charge, but it will
indeed become exactly 150% at maximum levels of a charge.

To calculate how much damage you can do result of Elemental Advantage, use this

Elemental Advantage Bonus (as a percent) = (10 + Level*3)/2 + 100

If you have Level 16 Fire charge, (10 + 16*3)/2 + 100 = 129%.
On non-elemental weak monsters, you can do 116% more damage (as seen from
HS.net), but on elementally weak monsters, you will do 116% X 129% = 149.6%
your base damage.

If you have max Level fire charge (Level 30), (10 + 30*3)/2 + 100 = 150%. On
elemental weak monsters, you will do 120% X 150% = 180% more damage.

The maximum damage normal damage is listed below with the maximum damage dealt
with a Power Strike.

Ice = 157.5% = 409.5% (= 260% X 157.5%)
Fire = 180% = 468%
Lightning = 187.5% = 487.5%

For Charge Blow, when maxed it gives 250% damage. Max Charge blow damages are
listed below.

Ice = 393.75%
Fire = 450%
Lightning = 468.75%

This indicates that with Maximum Fire charge, White Knights are very strong
early on and continue to be. Many White Knights (including me) commonly hit 10k
damage at L82-83 using max fire on ice monsters if you use sword, and even
earlier if you use BW (early as 80).

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