Training locations for Maplestory Claw Rogues

Level(Maple Story Meso) 10-13: you do not have your extended range yet, too bad. To save money, you probably want to switch between the Wrist Guard and the short sword depending on what enemies you are fighting for more powerful enemies you will want the Wrist Guard. Go to Henesys Hunting Ground and kill some snails for now. If you are feeling adventurous, go to the slime tree, and start de-sliming.

Now, you have lucky seven, killing mud is very easy. If your funds, if you have an additional, higher level features in Maplestory, you can take some money, buy better claw or throwing stars over and over again to lose weight more easily experiment Ellinia. Fear of assassins power. Another option for levels 10-14/16 is to kill orange mushrooms, they give more experience than slimes and can generally be killed in 3-4 hits. If you put your level 10 skill point on lucky 7, regular pigs can be killed using only 3 stars. Henesys Party Quest is a good option.

Level(Maplestory powerleveling) 14-16: Go up the levels of Henesys Hunting Grounds. HHG 3 is generally the best open empty spot. Because it is difficult to find the number of pigs is not next to the ribbon pig to travel, in addition to all the towns, kill all the killable perion. Another good leveling location is the map East of Kerning City, where you can easily kill Octopus and Green Mushroom, giving you quick EXP, although be sure to stock up on potions! Leveling should be extremely fast if you are funded with kumbis or better.

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