Training Grounds

L30-34: Ant Tunnel I/II (Zombie Mushroom), Tree Dungeon: Forest Up North II
(Green and Horned Mushroom), The Pig Beach (Pig and Ribbon Pig)

L35-39: The Land of Wild Boars (Wild Boar)

L40-49: Garden of Green I (Jr. Grupin), Dangerous Valley I (Copper Drake), The
Entrance of Golem is Temple (Stone Golem).

Note: The early 40s should be spent at Jr. Grupins. Once you are confident
enough, move to Copper Drakes and Stone Golems. At Copper Drakes, party with 2
other people and 1 cleric. The cleric should wait in the middle and people
should come up/down for healing. At Golems, party with a Fighter (near your
level) and Cleric (6-8 levels lower than you). Tell the cleric to handle the
blue mushrooms on the bottom to increase Golem spawn rate.

L50-59: Cloud Park VI (Luster Pixie), Watch Out for Icy Path I (Jr. Yeti),
Drake’s Meal Table/DMT (Cold Eye, Wild Cargo, Drake)

Note: At Jr. Yeti, party with a Fighter (near your level) and an Assassin
(anyone near your level with max Haste). The Fighter/You should take the top
left or bottom right. The assassin should take the bottom left and the warriors
come for haste. Mob the Jr. Yeti into groups and Slash Blast them. Go to Luster
Pixies only when you can kill one before the Pixie attacks you. The Luster
Pixie exchange quest can yield valuable rewards. At DMT, party with a fighter
and split up the map. A cleric here is optional.

L60-69: Cold Field I (Hector, White Pang), Forest of Dead Trees I-IV (Coolie
Zombie), Icy Cold Field (Jr. Yeti, Yeti).

Note: You can solo zombies for a few levels until it slows down massively. Then
the fastest leveling is done by partying with a Fighter (near your level),
Assassin (near your level, max haste), Priest (anyone with Holy Symbol). Find
two empty channels in the same map, 2 people should share each map and as soon
as Holy Symbol runs out, someone should call “regroup”, meet in the Priest’s
channel for Holy Symbol again, and then return to your channel, and repeat.
This is commonly known as the Zombie HS party. If you get bored, head to Icy
Cold Field and share the map with someone. The Hector map should be circulated
to maximize spawn.

L70-74: Ice Valley II (Yeti and Pepe, Yeti, Jr. Yeti, White Pang), Icy Cold
Field (Jr. Yeti, Yeti), Cursed Sanctuary II (Cold Eye, Tauromacis), Dangerous
Cliff (Dark Yeti and Pepe, Dark Yeti, Dark Jr. Yeti), The Garden of Darkness
I/II (Lucida)

If you did Ice first: At Dangerous Cliff, kill all the Dark Yeti and Pepe and
then switch channels, and circulate all 20 channels. You can solo or join a
Holy Symbol priest at Buffoons. At Lucida, group them and freeze/Slash Blast
them. You can go solo Tauromacis if you get bored.

If you did Fire first: Party at Icy Cold Field or Ice Valley II with a Priest
who has Holy Symbol. You can also go solo Tauromacis if you get bored, killing
the Cold Eyes will be a breeze.

L75-79: Warped Path of Time III (Ghost Pirate), Forgotten Path of Time III
(Death Teddy), Ice Valley II (Yeti and Pepe, Yeti, Jr. Yeti, White Pang)

Ice: Go to Death Teddy and party with one Priest (L75-85) with Holy Symbol.
Circulate the map clockwise, always freezing, and group the monsters to the
bottom left. The Priest will find spots to heal without being damaged.

Fire: You can try solo/party at Yeti and Pepe and Ghost Pirates. Go to Death
Teddy (once you can hit them almost always) and party with one priest (L85+ and
some ER) with maxed Holy Symbol. Use same tactic as above but the Priest, since
he/she has Elemental Resistance will not need to Freeze.

L80-84: Warped Path of Time III (Ghost Pirate), Unbalanced Time (Dual Pirate),
Forgotten Path of Time III (Death Teddy)

Note: You can continue to solo/party at Ghost Pirates or party at Death
Teddies. At Dual Pirates, you should have enough Fire Charge now so party a
Priest (L80+) with Holy Symbol and move through the map. The Priest should find
the spots where he/she cannot be touched and heal as you attack.

L85-89: Unbalanced Time (Dual Pirate), Forbidden Time (Grim Phantom Watch),
Warped Path of Time IV (Spirit Viking)

Note: You can continue to party at Dual Pirates. Soloing Dual Pirates is fast
EXP but very expensive without Charged Blow. If you have high accuracy, try
partying a Priest or a DK and freeze the Vikings. The EXP here is equivalent to
Dual Pirates, but the drops are much better. If your EXP is fantastic, go to
Grim Phantom Watches, the single best EXP source in the game. Party with a
Priest (L85+) and destroy them with fire.

L90-99: Unbalanced Time (Dual Pirate), Forbidden Time (Grim Phantom Watch),
Warped Path of Time IV (Spirit Viking), Twisted Time (Gigantic Spirit Viking)

Note: You can continue to solo or party at Dual Pirates. If you have maxed
Charge Blow, you can kill Vikings with your nearly-maxed lightning charge. If
you have lightning charge, you can solo there but It is still costly without
maxed Charged Blow. Grim Phantom Watches are always great EXP. Try soloing them
if you have maxed Charged Blow.

L100+: Forbidden Time (Grim Phantom Watch), Warped Path of Time IV (Spirit
Viking), Twisted Time (Gigantic Spirit Viking)

Note: You should be able to solo Vikings. Grims is still great EXP, if you solo
or party with Priest.


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