Training Areas for Maplestory

This is not a class guide.
They are sorted into three categories: mesos, drops, and exp.
steely = drop, cash = meso, EXP = experience.

Maple Island
Lv.1-10 Snail Hunting Ground 1/2/3 EXP
Lv.4-10 A Split Road EXP
Lv.4-10 Snail Garden/Mushroom Garden EXP
Lv.6-10 Dangerous Forest EXP
Lv.8-10 Tomato Field EXP

Victoria Island
Lv.5-30 Henesys Hunting Ground I  EXP
Lv.8-25 The Tree That Grew 1/2/3 EXP
Lv.10-18 Dungeon, Southern Forest I EXP
Lv.15-25 Pig Beach  EXP
Lv.18-35 Ant Tunnel I  EXP
Lv.21-30 Kerning City Accompaniment  EXP
Lv.24-36 Land Of Wild Boar I/II EXP
Lv.34-42 The Burnt Land 1-4 EXP
Lv.36-50 Purple Plains I/II*   EXP

Ossyria Island
Lv.25-35 Jr. Sentinels
Lv.35-45 Eos Tower 94th Floor EXP
Lv.35-50 Ludibrium Accompaniment EXP
Lv.38-54 Chronoses

Training Tips
Always go to places where it is cramped. That way, you can deal more damage efficiently.
Since you have high HP and trying to get high accuracy, you can fight bosses earlier with good

accuracy equips.
Magic Claw goes through walls!
Magic Guard whenever possible.
Keep a steady supply of your MP Pots.
Do not use your 2nd job active skills until Lv.24+ or more, unless It is useful(Cold Beam, Heal).
Find strategic sniping places!
Keep a distance away from your enemies.
Sin : Jump Shooting is your friend! Use jump shooting to attack while not even on the platform!
Always keep a steady supply of pots. MP cost is quite a lot.
Dit : Remember to try to avoid getting hit while dishing out damage.
Dit : Savage Blow should not be put in first.
Dit : Savage Blow should not be used until Lv.21.
Sin : Garnier until 25, then Meba +7, then Avarice until Lv. 40.
Sin : Meba is your friend, It is speed is FASTER!

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