Throwing Stars in MapleStory


Welcome. We got the information for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

Throwing stars. We will just start off quickly by listing all of the stars, and their attack. Not going to list prices since the market is ever changing.Subis - 15 Attack. Wolbis - 17 Attack. Snowballs - 17 Attack. Mokbis - 19 Attack. Wooden Tops - 19 Attack. Kumbis - 21 Attack. Icicles - 21 Attack. Tobis - 23 Attack. Steely - 25 Attack. Ilbis - 27 Attack. Hwambis - 27 Attack.

First of all, we know about Hwambis from people who were hacking. Enough said about that. They do not drop anywhere in any Maple Story(Buy maplestory mesos) version, to our knowledge. Maple Stars are also a throwing star, but are GM only items. They are available in other versions of Maple Story through the Gashapons which is more or less a gamble. We might get this soon, since supposedly cash shop is coming.

Stars may be recharged in any Armor vendor by clicking on the Use Tab in your inventory which appears, and then clicking on the orange box next to all of your throwing star sets. You should really make note of this: better stars are not your main priority. Stop getting better stars once you have a bunch of kumbis at your disposal. At this point, if you do not have an attack glove with 8 or more attack, make one or buy(cheap maplestory mesos) one.

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