The Ludibrium Party Quest Guide

The Ludibrium Party Quest Guide

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NOTE: Usually in the PQ, sins and clerics are the most popular.
Warriors are good too in the fighting stages as they uses melee attacks.
Bowmen are acceptable by many in this PQ too.
Wizards are not that popular but they might help in teleporting and casting

SImple PQ words
PQ - part quest
Track - To search for someone/To check where they are.
Rush - To exit a party quest and get back in again ASAP.
Miss - Another party got in the PQ.
Solo - Killing a monster by oneself only.
D/C - Disconnect

Requirements of Ludi PQ

- Must be at least level 35 and at most 50.
- Have a party of six members.
- All party members in Eos Tower Floor 101 to enter into the PQ.
- A magician with Teleport
- A thief with Dark Sight
- A assassin or bowman with MAXed Eye of the Amazon/Keen Eyes.

About the Ludibrium PQ
Ludibrium PQ has a total of 10 stages, lot more than the Kerning PQ, including
the bonus stage.
So it has more time given for a party to finish the PQ.
You must go to Eos Tower 101st Floor and form a party of 6 members before
entering the PQ.
The boss is much more tougher too.

Party Quest - Stage 1

Finally after a wait, you got into the Ludi PQ.

Kill Ratz and Dirty Ratz to collect the Pass of Dimensions and give them to your
party leader.
When the party leader has all the passes, click on the Red Balloon and head
towards the portal.
Then you completed stage 1. Fast and easy!

Ratz from Another Dimension
Level: 32
Experience: 260
HP: 3,700
Accuracy: 80
Avoidability: 13
Weapon attack: 112
Weapon defense: 85
Magic defense: 95

Black Ratz from Another Dimension
Level: 34
Experience: 280
HP: 4,300
Accuracy: 90
Avoidability: 14
Weapon attack: 125
Weapon defense: 95
Magic defense: 95

As you can see, the monsters in the PQ are much harder than the usual ones.

Party Quest - Stage 2

Hit the blue boxes and collect the Dimensional Passes that drop from it.
The 2nd box is a portal to another map with more boxes and you must hit all of
When the boxes have been poked in the second map,
the pokers in the 2nd map should come in via the portal there.
Give the passes to the party leader and click on Orange Balloon.
Move into the portal to proceed to the 3rd stage.

Party Quest - Stage 3

Poke the boxes and Bloctopus will pop out from it.
Kill all the Bloctopus and collect the passes they drop.
Leading all the Bloctopus to the most bottom part and kill them there seems to
be a good idea.
Give the passes to the party leader and click on Yellow Balloon.
Head towards the portal and proceed to the 4th stage.

Party Quest - Stage 4

Move through the portal into the darkness .Mark the portals you go through.
Kill the monster that is in the darkness.
You can only attack them when their eyes are open. The two bottom portals
contain monsters
weak to physical attacks, and the three top portals contain monsters weak to
magical attacks.
Only one portal will have two monsters lurking inside.

Once you kill it, collect the pass which dropped.
Give the passes to the party leader, and click on Lime-Green Balloon.
Head into the portal and move on to the next stage.

Party Quest - Stage 5

Move through the portals and hit the boxes in the map.
This is where your Magician with Teleport and thief with Dark Sight come in
Make the Thief take the bottom portal using dark sight.
Do not run across the Golems, they deal horrible damage and the Magician take
the top portal.
Only magicians can teleport through all the floors.
The other party members should spread out and take the other portals,
marking which ones are completed. Move up your map, collecting the passes from
the boxes.

Give the passes to the party leader and click on Green Balloon.
Head towards the portal to move on to the 6th stage.

Party Quest - Stage 6

In this stage, you will have to find the right combination of portals to reach
the top.
Jump onto a number and press up.
If the number is correct, you will move upwards.
But if you are wrong, you will be teleported back to the most bottom part.

The combination is:
133 221 333 123 111

Head towards the portal to move on to the next stage.

Party Quest - Stage 7

The aim of this stage is to kill 3 Rombot which drops the Dimensional Pass.
To summon Rombot, have a party member with the maxed Keen Eyes or Eye of the
Amazon kill the Ratz.
The rombots deal a lot of damage. If you have a cleric in your party,
ask him/her to constantly heal the party members who are fighting.
Kill Rombots that were summoned.
It is not wise to summon all three rombots together as it might be tough to kill
for some parties.

Collect the passes and give it to the party leader. Lastly,have the party leader
click on Sky-Blue Balloon
and progress into the next stage.

Party Quest - Stage 8

The aim of this stage is to get the right combination of boxes which will crack
the wall.
This stage is where all the confusion and troublesome happens.
5 party members stand on 5 different boxes each.

Follow this pattern for standing on the boxes.






and so on...

After each combination, the leader should speak to the balloons to test whether
the combination is right or wrong.

Move into the portal once the right combination is found. It will take a long
time in this stage if you are unlucky.

Party Quest - Stage 9

The fight against the boss comes!

Have your Thief with the max Keen Eyes or Crossbowman with the max Eye of the
Amazon to kill the Ratz and summon Alishar.

Alishar appears. Cast all supporting skills to party members. Kill Alishar as
fast as possible.
Get the clerics (if you have) to prepare to heal constantly.
Alishar will summon chronos, platoon chronos and even master chronos to disturb
you once its HP is decreasing slowly.

Beware of the sealing skill and darkness skill made by Alishar.

It is the right time to use the holy waters you brought and all cure potions

Once Alishar is killed, a key will drop and the party leader should pick it up.
Speak to the Balloons and you will be teleported to the Bonus Stage. YAY, you
completed the boss stage.

Party Quest - Bonus Stage

In this Bonus Stage, you have 1 minute to hit as many boxes as you can and get
the items that they drop.
Make sure you go in seperate ways. Do not fight for the prizes. Do not take too
much notice to the money. Tak e notice of equips.
Head towards the top of the map as quickly as possible if you want to make an
Be sure that you have one empty slot for Use and Etc. in your inventory before
you click on Arturo to receive your reward.


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