The Guide To Make A Ton Of Mesos

This is my first guide that I ever made so it might suck a little : )

 Enjoy anyways.

1) Introduction to the guide

2) So, you wanna make MESOS???

2.1) Making mesos by merchanting

2.2) Making mesos by hunting

2.3) Making mesos by some other ways

3) Tips

5) Credits

1) Introduction to the guide

Are you JEALOUS of all those pros getting like millions of mesos and showing
off by trading and showing you their millions? Will, you can show your own
million mesos by reading this guide for mesos!

2) So, you wanna make MESOS?

Well, do you? The key to making mesos is patience. If you Do not have much
patience, you Can not really get a lot of money. For example, if you got an
above average Mithril pole arm that you are selling, but no one wants to buy
it yet, you should wait. If you succesfully sell it, which is like 100k for
an above average one, that is a good start. But if you give up and NPC it,
you only get 25k! that is a 75k difference! Patience is the key to a good

2.1) Making mesos by merchanting

Well, like metioned before, you need patience!!! PATIENCE!!! Yes, you do!
Also, you have to be smart. For example, getting a lot of stuff people need
like leather. Leather can be very useful for building equipments. If you NPC
leather for 100 mesos each, It is not going to be very good. Instead, you
should try selling the leathers to players for I d say 150-200 mesos each.
Even though it only seems like you are making a 50 mesos profit, if you sell
leathers in large quantities, you will make a very large amount of profit!!!!!
You can also sell screws for 2k each and ores can sell for a lot too! Fame is
also a nice thing to sell, priced around 2-7k depending on the player, Making
profits off noobs are also good =D but I will get to that later...

2.2) Making mesos by hunting

This way is a lot harder than merchandising because you acually have to kill!
This part is more about saving mesos than earning them, but i guess they are the
same thing really 0_o! To save money here, you should fight monsters that you
can kill in 1-2 hits CONSECUTIVELY!!! That means you ALWAYS 1-2 hit the monster
and not 3, because that would be a waste of pots and time!!! Also, use your
mana wisely. If a monster takes you 1 maxed Magic Claw to kill (20MP) and you
can consistantly kill the monster with 3 minimum lvled energy bolts, (6MP) and
that is 20 mana versus 18 mana. That way, you are conserving 2 mana! Even if
you think 2 mana is nothing, wait till you hear this! You regenerate mana every
10 seconds and Let is say you cast a spell every second. In 10 seconds, that is
20 mana! Wasted! If you regenerate 40 mana each time, you will only heal 20
instead! And Let is not forget about Magic Guard (if you are a mage)! But if you
cast 3 seperate spells, that will take up 3 seconds to cast and and you will
cast 3 spells in the 10 seconds and 6 x 10 is 60MP and 20 x 10 is 200MP!!! You
kill less enemies this way, but you save a lot more money.

Also, hunt for monsters that have the most expensive NPC drop because you
want to spend too much time advertising to sell stuff.

2.3) Making mesos some other ways

Well, this part includes quests and some creative ways to make mesos. I guess
I well talk about quests first... well. here are some quests that are pretty good
for a beginner.

lvl 1-10 (BTW, I skipped a few quests that I didnot think was good)

(lvl 10) Fixing Blakcbull is house

Req: 30 branches and 40 firewood

Prize: Steel Shield or Red Triangular Shield

This quest is very worthwhile because you can get a Red Triangular shield which
is 25k! Do this quest when you are lvl 20 or buy the firewood for 15 mesos each

(lvl 10) I Need Help On My Homework!

Req: 10 slime bubble, 30 tree branch, 30 squishy liquid

Prize: 25 Blue Potions + 250 exp

You can do this quest when you are lvl 10 and this quest is the 2nd best quest!

(lvl 10) The Reason Behind the Mushroom Studies

Req: 40 Orange Mushroom Caps, 10 Mushroom Spores

Prize: 25 Red Potions + 300 exp

I think also a fairly quest to do because this is very easy and you can get 25
pots which is saving 1250 mesos!

(lvl 10) I am bored

Req: 40 squishy liquid, 40 tree branch

Prize: 25 red potion, 15 blue potion + 250 exp

To me, this is the Best beginner quest. It is fairly easy and you get a pretty
good prize for such easy monsters to kill and easy questions to answer!

Here are some or easy ways to get money.

Meso Magnet FUN!

a) Leave your computer on for the whole night and go to Henesys Hunting grounds
or any other place where monster drops land on the platform you are standing on
Make sure you are in the first Hunting Ground. Go on a haystack where there
are monsters below. For this you need meso magnet. Just stand on a haystack and
go to bed. When you wake up... Voila! a few hundred thousand mesos! My friend
once got 850k doing that!


b) This is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is go to a map where
there is a pro killing monsters and not bothering to pick up the drops. All you
have to do is run around picking up his items! It is better to have Meso Magnet
here, but not a must-have item.

Party Stealing! (not recommended)

c) Make a party with some good Maplers and let them kill for you. This is a bad
version of looting. WARNING: YOU MIGHT GET DEFAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Tips

Try not to beg, it will only make people defame you and call you noob. Only beg
if you know that person you are begging for or he is your buddy/guild member. I
just Can not say this enough... have PATIENCE! Do not be impatient. Also, Do not
play drop games!!! You will lose at least once and you will be PISSED! That
once happened to me before and boy did I get PISSED! I actually reported that
dude and I got suspended for a while :-P. You should set up a free market stall
so you can do something else while waiting for an item to sell. And here is my
last tip for you... go into parties with hermits or ChiefDits, they can use a
skills that makes enemies drop more mesos or drop mesos more often. Well, I
guess that wasn it the last one, make good friends! Get friends that will help
you when your broke and party with you and go hunting. Never get a friend that
will just leech off you items and beg for potions and mesos. Also, help noobs
in need. If you even giv them 100 mesos, they will love you. BTW, i Do not scam
noobs. I was kidding about making profits of noobs. They are not that stupid
you know! Some may have friends that can kick your butt and mass defame you!!!
Never try to take advantage of ANYONE! It is an inhumane thing to do! WEll, I
guess that is all the tips.

4)About Me

WEll, I started Ms a while ago, with a sin. That account was screwed because
it had like 9 Str and 7 Int. I deleted that character and made a Mage. The mage
wasn it perfect, it had 5 Str and 4 Dex, but I continued that charcter and got
pretty good with it. After my mage got to lvl 30 (ice/lightning), i started a
sin character. That character wasn it perfect either :"( but i used him anyway.
I next got my mage to fund my thief and i got it 2 mokbis. I played my thief
till lvl 13, that is when the Aniversery stuff came out I went back to my mage
to hunt for maple lama, maple claw, maple sword and red present. I didnot get
much except an above average Mithril Pole arm, green bennis chainmail, Brown
Jester (above average :-D) and Green Matty. Overall, it was pretty good lvling
and I didnot have to pay much for pots.

5) Credits

- My friend, FaetalArrow who told me some stuff and got me interested in MS
- My Ms friends, who supported me through hardship (like when I had 1k meso)
- Hidden-Street, who let me post this guide
- Hidden-Street, for some the information
- Mapletip, for some of the information
- Wizet, who made this game




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