The Guide for Some Class in MapleStory

We suggest that Nexon should just take out the original classes(Buy maplestory mesos) since Cygnus Knights seem to have better skills which also include the original skills. From our point of view, Nexon adores hermits. The fact that they give them countless dexless weapons from levels 35-64, and knowing Nexon, they will probably come out with a level 70 dexless claw. Sure, they gave bandits a level 75 dexless weapon, but that is it, and they are very pricy, so not everybody could afford a half-decent one.

We thought the Thunder Breaker class and the Night Walker class(cheap maplestory mesos) would be fun just to try, as usual, the Night Walker class represents a hermit, and not a bandit. We went straight to the Thunder Breaker. Once meele always meele, except for our Hunter, he is cool. If they would take out original classes, we would simply quit, boycott the game, and so on.

That is like Fiesta making some new class like Pirates, they cover all the bases, so we think of something then they would take out all the other classes, which would ruin everybody is fun, just so Outspark could make a rigged class for all, also. We mean come on. That is the most ridiculous idea. You may like Cygnus more than normal classes. But it will be a huge slap in the face when you reach level 120.

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