The Guide for Shop Permit in MapleStory

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Merchanting is extremely hard without a shop permit. The only other option that you have if you do not have one is to spam your items(Buy maplestory mesos) in the Chan 1 FM entrance. That takes up a lot of time, the lag is terrible and it always gives us a headache after a while. There are several different types of shop permits. The most worthwhile are the regular shop permit and the Christmas shop permit, each lasting for 90 days and costing under 5 dollars.

If you are just starting to merchant, the regular permit for 1.8k NX is your best bet. It gives you 16 slots to fill with things you need to sell. If merchanting eventually becomes a major focus in your gameplay(cheap maplestory mesos), then go with the Christmas Shop Permit. It gives 24 slots for items.

The other shop permits are special permits in which you can leave your store there, and a hired merchant will sell for you for a certain amount of time, i.e. 1 day. You do not need to be in the FM or even signed on for your shop to be there. However, the time span of these are very short compared to the regular 90-day permits, and therefore not suggested unless you D/C a lot or have plenty of NX to spare.

If you are just starting merchanting, we suggest the longer-lasting, cheaper permits. These will allow you to adjust to prices, take your time shopping, and so on. Without any worry of wasting possible "sale time". Mushie houses should only be bought if you have a lot of stuff you need to sell at once. Your best bet is just to set up a shop and minimize MapleStory while you are away.

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