The Equipment Stats in MapleStory

We love this section so much. Well, being a total stat freak, we love equipment  in general. We will list what is in your best interest in terms of stats. We mean, if something looks like total crap take the level 30 set, and sometimes we will not put it on, but usually we will sacrifice anything for than extra point in LUK.

Level 10-20: Here you will be getting what looks good. We usually go with the dark sets as they tend to give LUK bonuses. All the sets here actually look very decent. Do not get any earrings for the love of god. They are a total waste of money, and weight earrings are hideous.

As for claws, non-funded assassins will want to stick with Garniers the whole time, while the funded assassin will go for Gold Titans and an adamantium
Igor. In terms of stars, Subis are just fine. It would be in your best interests to spend any bit of extra money on a few sets of Kumbis. These will last you
forever as a non-funded assassin.

Level 25: Some people hate this set. We are not mind it, it is not my favourite, but it is okay. You will definitely want the Brown Bamboo Hat, an amazing 3 LUK bonus. Just to tell you now, you will be using this until level 40, get used to that oversized brown semicircle sitting on top of your head. Get a Meba +7, even if you are not funded.

You will be using this until level 40 as well. It is the fastest claw in the game excluding the maple ones if we remember correctly and it is great. Do not scroll it manually, as however the market may change, the price is usually well below, it would take to buy one and scroll it by yourself.

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