Stages in MapleStory

Stage 1 - killing monsters and collecting passes.

Stage 2 - breaking boxes and collecting dropped passes

Stage 3 - breaking boxes, then the boxes summon 3 blocktopus, kill and collect - the passes.

Stage 4 - entering darkened rooms and killing special monsters with different defense capabilities (some magic weak some physical weak)

Stage 5 - towers you have to climb to break boxes and collect passes

Stage 6 - a puzzle to get from one place to another (like utah is farm)

Stage 7 - killing weak monsters that spawn rombots then killing rombots

Stage 8 - similar to kerning stage 4, exactly same except needs 5 members and is harder to jump through

Boss stage - kill a dirty rat and it spawns the boss alishar. kill alishar, and give keys (alishar drops) to leader

Bonus stage - breaking boxes and collecting prizes from them.Determine to adventure(2nd bonus) is talk to the npc, and he gives you your  REAL prize of stuff like a scroll.

The exit stage - when you die or have to leave during pq, you get taken here

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