Stage Guide in MapleStory

This guide is from an assassin is point of view, and is how to do pq with an assassin. By the way in this guide, suppose you are the only thief here so no fighting for spots



First of all, use whatever haste you have in MapleStory , booster, and a warrior pill. Now go up the tower. Kill these ratz and dirty ratz around you. You will notice, they are stronger, have more hp, and give more exp. Once all the enemies are dead, all the party members should give all the passes to the leader. Then arrange who will go to the next stage first to to tower is trap. Let is say this time, you and some guy are selected to go.


The Monster information as follows:

1. Ratz from another dimension

- Level:32
- Experience:260
- HP:3,700
- Accuracy:80
- Avoidability:13
- Weapon Attack:112
- Weapon Defense:85
- Magic Defense:95


2. Dirty ratz from another dimension

- Level:34  (MapleStory Powerleveling)
- Experience:280
- HP:4,300
- Accuracy:90
- Avoidability:14
- Weapon Attack:125
- Weapon Defense:95
- Magic Defense:95


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