Something About Your Play in Maplestory

We got these for Maplestory players. How about an even more intrusive ad that is a one-time only thing? When you first come to the site you would get a floating ad in the center of the page that would require clicking "Close" to get rid of. Then a cookie is stored and you do not have to see it again until you clear your history. We have seen this on a few sites and we actually do not find them all that bad since we only have to click through them the first time we come to the site that browser session. You can buy Maple Story Mesos for your character.

Another option would be a qualitative behavior in the same way as persistence, but the one "to a separate page to StrategyWiki" link. For us this is a little more annoying, because it requires a second and figure out your browser does not just get hijacked, it is usually a "Where is Waldo" and found by clicking on the link. Although not of interest to those that we can organize GamerDNA advertising, it does not give the actual content of our clutter. The same time, these failures adblockers. If not we are too wicked, we believe that GamerDNA prefer at least, then nothing. We provide Maplestory powerleveling for you.


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