Something about stat and skill in MS

In MapleStory, With the new and convenient stat system, the dice is thrown away and the hellish rolling for hours on end has come to an end.

All you need to do is pick your looks and make an immediate entrance into the world of maple. Your choice of Magician would not be a bad one. All classes have their own Pros and Cons, but personally, i just Do not find other jobs too alluring.

1. Magicians have the advantage of powerful ranged magical attacks, though from the start, the damage is insignificant, it gradually shapes up and in the 20-30s, Magicians are one of the strongest hitting classes, if not The strongest.

2. Although they lack defence and hp, they take refuge in their absolute defence, Magic Guard, which allows players Mp to soak in damage and on frequent occasions, save you from losing precious experience points.

3. The Cleric has the bonus of the Healing spell, which does what its name clearly states, and when maxed, restores 300% of your hp, although the healing rate is divided in a party, it would still be a considerable amount; 300%/6 P.members= 60% Hp healed for each member. The plus being that the use of Hp potions become unnecessary, but still, i recommend to have a couple of hundreds in reserve.

Stat Build: The new stat system has a few advantages. Such as, now that you are not limited to sticking to the regular build right from the beginning, you can put a few more points into strength, so that the process of questing/grinding will be sped up at a considerable rate and at the moment of job advancement, your stats will be reset perfectly, therefore this is what i have come up with:

From level 1-8 your first priority would be to make Intelligence 20, ignore Luck for now and proceed to add the rest into Strength to hit mobs harder.

From the first job advancement though, till the maximum level cap., you will have to stick to this golden rule:

3+ your level into Luck and the rest must always go into Intelligence.

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