Something About MP Eater in Maplestory

Welcome to our in-depth FAQ for Maplestory. Really, this is more of a grid than anything else. We found ourself wanting to know just how much MP we were getting back with the Wizard/Cleric skill MP(Maple Story Mesos) Eater. We got the Max MP of each of the monsters there, did some basic math, and organized the information so our fellow gamers could have a fast easy chart with the information on it. Nothing too special.

The monsters are organized in two different ways, so readers can have some variety with how they view the information in game(Maplestory powerleveling). For the first grid, the monstersare listed in alphabetical order. Monsters with adjectives in their names often have the order of their name reversed and separated by a comma in aLastName, FirstName format. This style allowed us to keep many of the same general types of monster together such as all the different mushrooms.

After the alphabetical listing, the monsters are listed again in order of increasing Maximum MP. This may make finding specific monsters slightly more
difficult, but it gives you a better picture of where they are in the magical food chain, so to speak. If you want to hunt monsters with high MP counts
to better make use of MP Eater, you might look to that list to see what is near the high end. Anyway, we hope you find this guide useful. We had fun making it.

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