Something About Job Advancement in MapleStory

Dances with Balrog. Requirements: level(Buy maplestory mesos) 10. Once you hit level 10 and rush your way off to the town of Southperry, talk to "Shanks" and pay the 150 Mesos fee or complete the quest to get there for free to teleport to Victoria Island. Once there, jump off the ship and move to the left of Lith Harbor to see a NPC named Phil. Talk to him and he will let you go to one of the towns in Victoria Island, with a small fee.

Go to Perion and climb all the way up to the top. Head inside to the tent and speak with "Dances with Balrog". You will be upgraded to your first job class, your stats will improve, you will unlock a new set of skills, and you now have access to Warrior exclusive equipment(cheap maplestory mesos). You should read up on some of the builds available to you.

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