Something About Ice/Lightning Wizard in MapleStory

The ultimate in icy and electrical crowd control is now at your fingertips. As a Lightning Wizard, you can wander about the country side, scaring noobs and vets alike as you massacre groups of up to 6 monsters with Lightning. Statistically, Lightning is no more powerful than Magic Claw, but the compound damage on the six monsters that Lightning strikes add up to be more. And, if you choose Ice first, you are allowed the power to freeze monsters, rendering them immobile. Though Cold Beam is 17% weaker than Fire Arrow, its ability to freeze enemies makes up for it.

Together, with ice and lightning, you will roam the countryside, laughing at the frozen forms of large monsters and burnt carcasses of smaller creatures. Forget about slow, you can freeze them, our silly little wizard
who needs to slow enemies down, when you can either zap them to nothingness or make them wish the Fourth Vial Judgment is upon them.

In the Third Job, Ice/Lightning Mages are the pinnacle of crowd control. Although their Ice Strike is 10% weaker than Cold Beam, it allows Wizards to attack and freeze up to six enemies at once. They also get Thunder Spear, the strongest spell among all 3rd job Magicians, with 170 Base Damage maxed. Compare that to the Fire Mage is 150 Base Damage Magic Composition and a Cleric is 105 Base Damage Shining Ray. The drawback to this, like Explosion, is It is slow casting time.


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